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Calla Lily Pendant Necklace Crystal Flower Charm Green Red


Calla lily symbols of purity, faithfulness and holiness. They are lucky flower. They are used in variety special occasions, like in wedding, bridals love calla lily bouquet. And also they are the sixth-anniversary flower. No doubts a calla lily jewelry will be an an appropriate gift to honor a couple no matter how long they've been married.
For Christians calla lilies are a symbol of rebirth and resurrection, so they are appropriate for any religious holiday, including Easter.

This calla lily necklace is unique, Leaf and Flower silhouette with tiny crystals paved for shimmering, a big pear cut crystal as the style. Fresh and Lovely. The chain is not as any usrual chain. It comes out a full calla lily flower. Anyone will adore this delicate piece.

Primary Stone
Number of Stones : 1
Carat Weight : 10ct
Stone Shape : Pear Cut
Stone Color : Ruby Red, Emerald Green
Stone Size : 10mm
Stone Type : Crystal
Side Stone
Number of Stones : 60
Carat Weight : 5ct
Stone Shape : Round
Stone Color : Diamond White
Stone Size : 4mm, 2mm, 1mm, 0.8mm,0.5mm
Stone Type : Crystal
Setting Information
Metal : Platinum plated
Weight : 15.41g
Width : 15mm
Height : 30mm
Thickness : 3mm
Chain length: 15"(38cm)