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Wonderland Metal Colored Stones Set Feather Earrings


Spiritual Feather is Common elements in Jewelry.
Feather is from Birds. They are extremely spiritual animals, flying freely in the clouds and are the closest to the spiritual realm. Feather is the communication from the higher heaven. So it is surely a indispensable design from our wonderland collection. Feathers represent strength and growth, as well as hope and freedom. Feathers represent travel on the body or mind. Feathers can help us overcome different mental disorders.
Wearing this stunning gem stone and metal based made feather to direct your fashion style.

Primary Stone
Number of Stones : 66
Carat Weight : 1.5ct
Stone Shape : Marqulse
Stone Color : Morganite Pink, Topaz Yellow, Turquoise Blue
Stone Size : 1*4mm
Stone Type : Chromanc Stone
Side Stone
Number of Stones : 42
Carat Weight : 0.1ct
Stone Shape : Round
Stone Color : Diamond white
Stone Size : 1mm
Stone Type : Cubic Zirconia
Setting Information
Metal : 925 sterling silver post, 14k gold plated
Weight : 4g
Width : 27mm
Height : 30mm
Thickness : 1mm